Fabricated sterling silver ring with red wool felt 1"diameter. "Stitches" around the side of the sterling ring also reflect stitches in fabric and textile arts

Sterling silver fabricated earrings with natural white wool felt 1"diameter x 1.5" long. Silver "stitches" stretch across the center allowing the wool felt to hold onto the wires

Natural wool needle felted link necklace with black rubber rings (links vary 1.5" to .75" diameter) 48" long. This necklace intrigued me with the sharp contrasts of textures and color. And, it is interesting the the felt can function as links by felting through the rubber. I have also made chains that attached the felt links to gold links to form a chain necklace. The links are the same form but in the different materials with great contrast of precious gold and non-precious wool felt.

Oxidized sterling silver 16" coil necklace with oxidized silver pendant with black needle felted wool and pearls 2.25" diameter. I work with the pearls and the felt as I appreciate the connection of those materials coming from creatures-sheep and oysters. The pearls are acquired in traditional methods which is not animal friendly, but I was too driven by aesthetics and concept. Pearls that occur naturally in nature that are not cultured are extremely expensive and rare.

Oxidized sterling silver earrings with natural white wool felt and pearls 1" diameter x 2" long

Oxidized sterling silver chain with pearls (chain doubled 16", single strand 32") and oxidized silver pendant with white needle felted wool and pearls 2.5" diameter

Oxidized sterling silver hand fabricated 19" chain with green wool felted pendant 1.5" and pearls. The hand fabricated chain relates to the felt form which completely covers the silver skeleton that helps to define it's round shape.

Sterling silver fabricated ring with natural wool felt and pearls 1" diameter

Ina addition to working with the felt, I have explored the qualities of bones, considering their forms and content, as focal points paired with high karat gold and silver. Oxidized sterling silver chain 16" with 18k gold fine chains, white python vertebrae and one black fossilized python vertebrae 2" long cluster (all vertebrae were ethically harvested from pythons that died naturally)

I have worked with forms that are created by wrapping steel wire over ice and letting the ice melt which leaves a fine steel "cage". I am attracted to the sheep gut stretched over objects, especially, the steel wire because the rust forms due to the wet gut soaked in salt brine, then drying and rusting the steel in parts and staining the dried gut. This sculptural object hanging below the otherwise, standard style silver/pearl necklace fascinates me by the contrasting aesthetics along with the unusual pairing of materials. Oxidized sterling silver chain 16" with pearls on oxidized sterling chain 2" and pendant made with steel wire and dried sheep gut 2"

All Photos above credit http://www.weinberg-clark.com/